Anthony Brundage Going to the Sources. A Guide to Historical Research and Writing

The updated fifth edition of Going to the Sources presents a practical guide to historical research and writing for all students of history. Focuses on the basics of historians’ craft, introducing students to concepts including refining a topic, selecting sources, and engaging critically with their reading Appendices illustrate style for footnotes, endnotes, and bibliographical entries, as well as a list of commonly used abbreviations Features a new chapter on the use of non-textual sources for historians, including a case study discussion of the historical importance of D. W. Griffith’s film The Birth of a Nation Addresses how to bring the critical assessment skills of reading to bear on film and other non-textual sources Includes a student-written historiographical essay, with marginal notes for instruction

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Группа авторов America and Its Sources

America and Its Sources: A Guided Journey through Key Documents, 1865-present is an innovative e-book designed for non-majors, ESL students, and other students who struggle with large amounts of reading. Through 14 focused units, the editors guide students from important post-1865 documents to major sources from contemporary America. Each unit includes a brief introduction to the era, unit questions, 5 expertly edited primary sources with overviews and guiding questions, and a unit review. This innovative, affordable sourcebook offers students the essential tools they need to examine and analyze primary sources without overwhelming them with lengthy and difficult texts.

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George King C. Physics of Energy Sources

Physics of Energy Sourcesprovides readers with a balanced presentation of the fundamental physics needed to understand and analyze conventional and renewable energy sources including nuclear, solar, wind and water power. It also presents various ways in which energy can be stored for future use. The book is an informative and authoritative text for students in the physical sciences and engineering and is based on a lecture course given regularly by the author. With the ever increasing demand for sustainable, environmentally-friendly and reliable sources of energy, the need for scientists and engineers equipped to tackle the challenges of developing and improving upon commercially viable energy sources has never been more urgent. By focusing on the physical principles governing energy production, storage, and transmission, this book provides readers with a solid foundation in the science and technology of energy sources. Physics of Energy Sources features include: Analyses of conventional and renewable energy sources in terms of underlying physical principles Integrated application of a wide range of physics, from classical to quantum physics Coverage of nuclear, wind, wave, tidal, hydroelectric, geothermal and solar power, including many practical systems Consideration of efficiency for power production as well as energy storage and transportation Consideration of key environmental issues Worked examples in text, and problems & solutions to encourage understanding Derivation of formulae with a minimum of mathematical complexity

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Felix Farret A. Integration of Alternative Sources of Energy

A unique electrical engineering approach to alternative sources of energy Unlike other books that deal with alternative sources of energy from a mechanical point of view, Integration of Alternative Sources of Energy takes an electrical engineering perspective. Moreover, the authors examine the full spectrum of alternative and renewable energy with the goal of developing viable methods of integrating energy sources and storage efficiently. Readers become thoroughly conversant with the principles, possibilities, and limits of alternative and renewable energy. The book begins with a general introduction and then reviews principles of thermodynamics. Next, the authors explore both common and up-and-coming alternative energy sources, including hydro, wind, solar, photovoltaic, thermosolar, fuel cells, and biomass. Following that are discussions of microturbines and induction generators, as well as a special chapter dedicated to energy storage systems. After setting forth the fundamentals, the authors focus on how to integrate the various energy sources for electrical power production. Discussions related to system operation, maintenance, and management, as well as standards for interconnection, are also set forth. Throughout the book, diagrams are provided to demonstrate the electrical operation of all the systems that are presented. In addition, extensive use of examples helps readers better grasp how integration of alternative energy sources can be accomplished. The final chapter gives readers the opportunity to learn about the HOMER Micropower Optimization Model. This computer model, developed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), assists in the design of micropower systems and facilitates comparisons of power generation techniques. Readers can download the software from the NREL Web site. This book is a must-read for engineers, consultants, regulators, and environmentalists involved in energy production and delivery, helping them evaluate alternative energy sources and integrate them into an efficient energy delivery system. It is also a superior textbook for upper-level undergraduates and graduate students.

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AD9834 DDS Signal Generator Module Sine Triangle Output Board Waveform Sources

Vanessa Paradis Vanessa Paradis - Les Sources

Maria Hayes Novel Proteins for Food, Pharmaceuticals and Agriculture. Sources, Applications and Advances

A groundbreaking text that highlights the various sources, applications and advancements concerning proteins from novel and traditional sources Novel Proteins for Food, Pharmaceuticals and Agriculture offers a guide to the various sources, applications, and advancements that exist and are currently being researched concerning proteins from novel and traditional sources. The contributors—noted experts in the field—discuss sustainable protein resources and include illustrative examples of bioactive compounds isolated from several resources that have or could obtain high market value in specific markets. The text also explores a wide range of topics such as functional food formulations and pharmaceutical applications, and how they alter biological activity to provide therapeutic benefits, nutritional values and health protection. The authors also examine the techno-functional applications of proteins and looks at the screening process for identification of bioactive molecules derived from protein sources. In addition, the text provides insight into the market opportunities that exist for novel proteins such as insect, by-product derived, macroalgal and others. The authors also discuss the identification and commercialization of new proteins for various markets. This vital text: Puts the focus on the various sources, applications and advancements concerning proteins from novel and traditional sources Contains a discussion on how processing technologies currently applied to dairy could be applied to novel protein sources such as insect and macroalgal Reviews the sustainability of protein sources and restrictions that exist concerning development Offers ideas for creating an innovative and enterprising economy that is built on recent developments Details the potential to exploit key market opportunities in sports, infant and elderly nutrition and techno-functional protein applications Written for industrial researchers as well as PhD and Post-doctoral researchers, and undergraduate students studying biochemistry, food engineering and biological sciences and those interested in market developments, Novel Proteins for Food, Pharmaceuticals and Agriculture offers an essential guide to the sources, applications and most recent developments of the proteins from both innovative and traditional sources.

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Various Tales from Many Sources. Vol. V

Edward L. Shaughnessy Sources of Western Zhou History

Edgar Sheffield Brightman The Sources of the Hexateuch

sources | Übersetzung Englisch-Deutsch

administration sources [Am.] Regierungsquellen {pl} allergen sources: Allergenquellen {pl} ecol. MedTech. artificial sources [e.g. ionizing radiation] künstliche Quellen {pl} [z. B. ionisierende Strahlung] energy sources: Energiequellen {pl} error sources: Fehlerquellen {pl} hist. historical sources: Geschichtsquellen {pl} journ. pol. Kremlin sources: Kremlquellen {pl} other sources Wörterbuch :: sources :: Englisch-Deutsch-Übersetzung

sources {pl} [body of source material] Quellenlage {f} administration sources [Am.] Regierungsquellen {pl} allergen sources Allergenquellen {pl} artificial sources [e.g. ionizing radiation] künstliche Quellen {pl} [z. B. ionisierende Strahlung]ecol.MedTech. energy sources Energiequellen {pl} error sources Fehlerquellen {pl} historical sources

Sources - definition of sources by The Free Dictionary

Define sources. sources synonyms, sources pronunciation, sources translation, English dictionary definition of sources. n. 1. A person or thing from which something comes into being or is derived or obtained: alternative sources of energy; the source of funding for the...

Source | Definition of Source at

Source definition, any thing or place from which something comes, arises, or is obtained; origin: Which foods are sources of calcium? See more.

Sources (website) - Wikipedia

Sources is a web portal for journalists, freelance writers, editors, authors and researchers, focusing especially on human sources: experts and spokespersons who are prepared to answer Reporters' questions or make themselves available for on-air interviews.

Source - Wikipedia

Sources of law, the materials and processes out of which law is developed; Mathematics and physics. Source, a point where the divergence of a vector field is positive; Source of a representation, in finite group theory; Source, a terminal in a field-effect transistor; Current source, an electrical or electronic device that delivers or absorbs electric current; Energy sources, substances or ...


Re:Sources Germany GmbH ist Teil der international führenden Kommunikations- und Marketinggruppe Publicis S.A. mit Sitz in Frankreich, Paris. Gegründet wurde Publicis im Jahre 1926 durch den Werbe-Unternehmer Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet in Paris. Sein Leitsatz: "The fundamental law of advertising is creating a difference" ist noch heute grundlegend für die Ausrichtung der Publicis Groupe ...

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In der Datei /etc/apt/sources.list stehen die Repositories (engl. Lager, Depot), also Quellen für Pakete. Dies können entweder CDs oder DVDs, Verzeichnisse auf der Festplatte oder in der Regel Verzeichnisse auf HTTP- oder FTP-Servern sein. Befindet sich das gesuchte Paket auf einem Server (oder einem lokalen Datenträger), so kann man dieses


Sources gère aujourd’hui une cinquantaine de chantiers par an, sur toute la France avec un réseau régional de plus en plus dense, et à l'international avec des implantations locales dans plusieurs pays, notamment au Maghreb. Le groupe Sources fin 2019 : 30 Millions d’euros de Chiffre d’affaires ; 3 Millions d’euros de résultat d’exploitation annuel; 80 collaborateurs; En savoir ...

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Download tens of thousands of free premium quality creations for The Sims games - no login required and updated daily

EasyBib®: Free Bibliography Generator - MLA, APA, Chicago ...

Automatic works cited and bibliography formatting for MLA, APA and Chicago/Turabian citation styles. Now supports 7th edition of MLA.

SourcesList - Debian Wiki

Configuring Apt Sources. Apt downloads packages from one or more software repositories (sources) and installs them onto your computer.. A repository is generally a network server, such as the official DebianStable repository. Local directories or CD/DVD are also accepted. The specific repositories (package sources) configured on your machine affect:

Source | Definition of Source by Merriam-Webster

Source definition is - a generative force : cause. How to use source in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of source.

Sources Synonyms, Sources Antonyms |

Another word for sources. Find more ways to say sources, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

SOURCES 2: Homepage

Sources 2 offers Script Development Workshops for professional screenwriters, directors and producers with feature film or documentary projects and advanced training for mentors in the field of storytelling and filmmaking.

Sources - MATLAB & Simulink - MathWorks

Sources. Generate or import signal data blocks such Sine Wave and From Workspace. Blocks. Band-Limited White Noise: Introduce white noise into continuous system: Chirp Signal: Generate sine wave with increasing frequency: Clock: Display and provide simulation time: Constant: Generate constant value: Counter Free-Running : Count up and overflow back to zero after reaching maximum value for ...

Sources Chrétiennes – Wikipedia

Die Sources Chrétiennes („Christliche Quellen“), im Allgemeinen abgekürzt mit SC, sind eine Sammlung von Texten der Kirchenväter und erscheinen seit 1943 in Frankreich bei den Editions du Cerf. Das Ziel der Schriftenreihe ist, die Werke christlicher Autoren der Spätantike und des frühen Mittelalters zugänglich zu machen und so zu einer Theologie des Ressourcement, einer Hinwendung zu ...

Sources Media Relations Experts News Releases Publicity

Directory portal for journalists, media, writers featuring international expert sources and media spokespersons available to speak to the media. Sources helps organizations companies universities individuals get publicity and be known for their expertise and views.

Sources | DuckDuckGo Help Pages

These include hundreds of vertical sources delivering niche Instant Answers, DuckDuckBot (our crawler) and crowd-sourced sites (like Wikipedia, stored in our answer indexes). We also of course have more traditional links in the search results, which we also source from multiple partners, though most commonly from Bing (and none from Google). We continue to partner with more and more sources to ...

Sources | Twitter

Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu.

Definition and Examples of Primary Sources in Research

Primary sources are often called original sources, but this is not the most accurate description because you're not always going to be dealing with original copies of primary artifacts. For this reason, "primary sources" and "original sources" should be considered separate. Here's what the authors of "Undertaking Historical Research in Literacy," from

Wiki - Sources Guide | OBS

Deprecated Sources; Scenes and Sources Overview. Scenes and Sources are the meat of OBS Studio. These are where you set up your stream layout, add your games, webcams, and any other devices or media that you want in the output. Right click in the box under Scenes (or use the plus at the bottom) to add a scene if there are none listed yet. You ...

Early Music Sources

The sources database as well as the iconography database enable quick search and gateway to sources according to various categories. For further research you may refer to RISM (sources) and RIDIM (iconography). In addition to the databases, Early Music Sources also features a youtube series dealing with various topics relating to early music and Early Music Sources PIE (=please in English ...

The Source | Computers, Tablets & Gaming, TVs & Audio

Get laptops, tablets, computers, audio, cables, batteries, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, TVs, Samsung, iPhones & more from The Source

BMWi - Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy ...

Energy sources that drive forward the energy transition. Wind and solar energy are the most important forms of renewables. Biomass and hydropower are also valuable building blocks in our energy system. Solar energy: in photovoltaic installations, solar panels directly transform sunlight into electricity. New solar installations are among the most affordable renewables technologies. At the end ...

Sources -- Ty Lue agrees to five-year deal to coach LA ...

Ty Lue, who served as an assistant for the LA Clippers last season, has agreed to a five-year deal to replace Doc Rivers as the team's head coach, sources told ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski.

Montréal-les-Sources – Wikipedia

Montréal-les-Sources (okzitanisch: Montreal) ist ein Ort und eine Gemeinde mit 23 Einwohnern (Stand 1. Januar 2017) im Département Drôme in der südfranzösischen Region Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.Montréal-les-Sources wurde im Jahr 2014 als Village fleuri eingestuft; seit 2015 gehört der Ort zum „Parc naturel régional des Baronnies Provençales

England › Sources. | LibraryThing auf Deutsch

Books under subject heading England -- Sources. Diese Seite verwendet Cookies für unsere Dienste, zur Verbesserung unserer Leistungen, für Analytik und (falls Sie nicht eingeloggt sind) für Werbung.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature. Search across a wide variety of disciplines and sources: articles, theses, books, abstracts and court opinions.

List of news source APIs available - News API

Get live headlines and images in JSON format from over 50,000 news sources.

Maven – Guide to generating Sources

Guide to generating sources. Let's run though a short example to try and help. To generate sources you must first have a plugin that participates in the generate-sources phase like the ANTLR4 Maven Plugin.. So this is all fine and dandy, we have a plugin that wants to generate some sources from a Antlr4 grammar but how do we use it.

Primary vs Secondary Sources | Explained with Easy Examples

Secondary sources provide second-hand information and commentary from other researchers. Examples include journal articles, reviews, and academic books. A secondary source describes, interprets, or synthesizes primary sources. Primary sources are more credible as evidence, but good research uses both primary and secondary sources.

Package Repositories - Proxmox VE

Proxmox VE uses APT as its package management tool like any other Debian-based system. Repositories are defined in the file /etc/apt/sources.list and in .list files placed in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/.

Datenquellen in Power BI Desktop - Power BI | Microsoft Docs

Datenquellen in Power BI Desktop Data sources in Power BI Desktop. 09/22/2020; 7 Minuten Lesedauer; In diesem Artikel. Mit Power BI Desktop können Sie Verbindungen mit Daten aus vielen verschiedenen Quellen herstellen. With Power BI Desktop, you can connect to data from many different sources. Eine vollständige Liste der verfügbaren Datenquellen finden Sie unter Power BI-Datenquellen. For a ...

Debian/sources.list - - Linux Wiki und Freie ...

Die Datei /etc/apt/sources.list wird von Debian als Quelle zum Installieren und Aktualisieren von Software mit apt genutzt.. apt-setup hilft beim Schreiben der Datei.. Auf findet man alle Programme, die Teil von Debian sind.. Es gibt jedoch zahllose Paketbauer deren Software es (noch) nicht in die Debian-Distribution auf geschafft hat.

Types of Information Sources - Library & Information ...

Primary Sources of Information: Primary sources are original materials. They are from the time period involved and have not been filtered through interpretation or evaluation. Primary sources are original materials on which other research is based. They are usually the first formal appearance of results in physical, print or electronic format. They present original thinking, report a discovery ...

Compatible LED Light Sources | Light Sources | Lösungen ...

Learn more about LED light sources reducing running costs, and support more complex experimental protocols.

How Do I Cite Sources? -

If your sources are very important to your ideas, you should mention the author and work in a sentence that introduces your citation. If, however, you are only citing the source to make a minor point, you may consider using parenthetical references, footnotes, or endnotes. There are also different forms of citation for different disciplines. For example, when you cite sources in a psychology ...

Lycée Les Trois Sources

LES TROIS SOURCES - CARDINAL NEWMAN COLLEGE : NOUVELLES DE L’ECHANGE FRANCO-ANGLAIS . il y a 3 mois. En marche à travers l'histoire vers de nouvelles expériences, de nouveaux mondes, de nouveaux espoirs. il y a 3 mois. Échange Franco-Espagnol 2020. il y a 3 mois. Dolce via / Viarhôna : I feel GOOD ! il y a 10 mois . Rencontre avec une entrepreneure. il y a plus d'un an. Voyage en espagne ...

Supported payment methods on the Sources API

Sources can be charged directly, or attached to customers for later reuse. Each payment method supported by the Sources API is defined by four key characteristics. The combination of these characteristics determines how a source is made chargeable, and how it is used in a charge request to complete a payment. Pull or push: How the funds for the method of payment are transferred from your ...

TBSL Sources | Tattered but still lovely | LibraryThing ...

LibraryThing ist eine Webseite, mit der man seine Bücher verwalten und sich mit anderen Buchliebhabern vernetzen kann.

B2B Wholesale Marketplace | Global Sources

Global Sources is the one-stop online B2B marketplace that serves people on both the sourcing and buying ends of the business with a platform to connect and drive profitable trade. B2B Wholesale Marketplace Trusted by Buyers More than 1.5 million international buyers and 95 of the world’s top 100 retailers have chosen Global Sources as the number one Chinese wholesale marketplace. We offer ...



renewable energy | Types, Advantages, & Facts | Britannica

Renewable energy, usable energy derived from replenishable sources such as the Sun (solar energy), wind (wind power), rivers (hydroelectric power), hot springs (geothermal energy), tides (tidal power), and biomass (biofuels). Several forms have become price competitive with energy derived from fossil fuels.

Eclairage De Contraste De Fond; Sources D'erreurs - Crivit ...

Crivit Z32130A Online-Anleitung: Eclairage De Contraste De Fond, Sources D'erreurs. Appuyez Sur Le Bouton Light 4 Pour Allumer La Lumière De Fond Pour Env. 2 Secondes. Il N'est Pas Possible D'éclairer Durablement L'affichage. Sources D'erreurs Pour Cette Raison, Vérifiez Et Ajustez...

David Emanuel From Bards to Biblical Exegetes

A cursory glance through the Psalter reveals numerous allusions to events in Israel's literary history. While a range of literary and oral sources were obviously available to psalmists, the relationships between these sources and the psalmists' final work are more obscure. Concerning these relationships, numerous questions remain unanswered:
– How strictly did the psalmists replicate their sources?
– What kinds of alterations did they make (additions, omissions, etc.)?
– Did they alter the meaning of their sources in their own compositions?
Departing from the more classical approaches to researching the psalms–engaging in the determination of Sitz im Leben and Gattungen–this intertextual study addresses the aforementioned issues by focusing on a group of psalms associated with Israel's exodus tradition (105, 106, 135, and 136). Through a detailed comparison of lexical correspondences between the psalms and other biblical texts, together with a relative dating of each psalm, the study identifies literary sources employed by the psalmists. It additionally includes a close reading of each psalm to establish the unity and meaning of each composition. Emanuel then analyzes and categorizes lexical variances between each psalm and its sources, providing potential explanations for alterations found between the two, and revealing how the psalmists reinterpreted their biblical sources.

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I. P. Kulyasov Ecosociology Sources. Series: «Ecosociology»

In the book the theoretical sources and the development of ecosociology. Covers a broad range of environmental issues. Designed for ecosocialism, graduate and undergraduate students, ecologists, ecopolitical and embezlement.

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Efim Oks Plasma Cathode Electron Sources

This book fills the gap for a textbook describing this kind of electron beam source in a systematic and thorough manner: from physical processes of electron emission to examples of real plasma electron sources and their applications.

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Loren R. Fisher Genesis, A Royal Epic

Genesis «was a political document of the state, and its major function was to exalt David and his monarchy, not only with his own people but also among the other states of that world. The scribes of the monarchy used many sources for this work, and certainly the literary criticism of the past has helped us to isolate many of these sources. However, the view presented here is quite different from the older criticism in that the sources that were used in this work must date from before the exile. This is obvious, if the sources were used by the scribes of the Davidic monarchy. None of this can be said with dogmatic zest, but we can at this point discuss some reasons why it seems possible to see Genesis in this way.» –from the Introduction

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Ian Brown G. The Physics and Technology of Ion Sources

The first edition of this title has become a well-known reference book on ion sources. The field is evolving constantly and rapidly, calling for a new, up-to-date version of the book. In the second edition of this significant title, editor Ian Brown, himself an authority in the field, compiles yet again articles written by renowned experts covering various aspects of ion source physics and technology. The book contains full chapters on the plasma physics of ion sources, ion beam formation, beam transport, computer modeling, and treats many different specific kinds of ion sources in sufficient detail to serve as a valuable reference text.

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WUBEN H1 1200 Lumens Multiple Light Sources Head flashlight

Magnetic square black stone anklet acrylic beads footwear Europe and the United States foreign trade sources

Edward Carpenter The Healing of Nations and the Hidden Sources of Their Strife

Группа авторов Sustainability and Environmental Impact of Renewable Energy Sources

Группа авторов Journeys and Travellers in Indian Literature and Art Volume II Vernacular Sources — Каталог цен и описаний на компьютерную и бытовую технику, товары для офис и дома, электронику, товаров для сада и дачи. Мы занимаемся поиском лучших цен в интернет магазинах по всей России, знаем где купить Sources по оптимальной цене в онлайн-магазинах. На нашем сайте предоставлена вся необходимая информация для правильной покупки Sources — фотографии товаров, отзывы пользователей, поиск по модели и производителю, наименованию или модели, инструкции по эксплуатации, а так же экспертные обзоры, сайты предлагающие покупу онлайн с доставкой заказа в ваш город.